Monday, March 1, 2010

Symbols of Faith, Hope, and Love

While living in Japan in Autumn 2009, I came to face many significant fears as I considered following my heart into a career as a writer/thinker. In conjunction, I also wondered if love would come into my life, and if I would have the money and/or resources to follow my dreams. On three different occasions, I pondered these matters, wondering what would be.

One crisp and clear day, I walked out of City Hall in downtown Tamashima. I’d just been thinking about my future, wondering if I could truly believe the things my heart was telling me would come about. I happened to be looking down at that moment and saw a tiny, silver star glinting up at me from the sidewalk. I understood this to be a sign of hope and felt encouraged to continue to follow my dreams.

Another day, it wasn’t so clear. Spotty clouds hung in the sky, occasionally hiding the Sun’s face. On this day, I was worried about money, about making enough to pay my bills and keep me out of trouble with creditors. I looked down at the road and there shining up at me was a single yen coin. I never found loose change lying around in Japan and found this truly remarkable, especially at a time when I was specifically worrying about money. At first, I walked past the coin, but a few meters down the road, I turned around, came back, and picked it up, understanding that I could have faith that the Universe would provide for my needs.

A week or so later, while walking along the street in my neighborhood, I approached a bamboo grove. My heart felt heavy as I pondered a dream I’d had where someone I cared about had died. I wondered if I would ever find love like hers in my life again. I looked down at the ground and there was a pink heart. Yes, someday, this kind of love would return to me.