Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shadowy Character Next to My Bed

The character was but a shadow, though was clearly wearing a fedora and a trench coat.

I was in between wakefulness and sleep the other night. My room was lit up in a strange, ethereal way, and standing right next to my bed was a character, but I could only see a shadow and an outline. He seemed to wear a fedora and trench coat, and from what I could tell, was looking right at me.

I felt no sense of malice or ill intent from the visitor, and truly felt a sense of wonder from him, and imagined he was smiling at me. But no sooner had I become aware of the being, he vanished in a shadowy wisp, like in a cartoon character, toward the door of my room. When I woke up, my room was dark and the shadowy character was gone.

Journeys to "other realms" reveal that the true nature of
Self far exceeds our "normal" experiences in this life.

As I lay thinking this experience over, I only wondered why the being had fled so quickly. I had a couple of ideas:  that perhaps this was a visitor from another time, or another dimension, or that perhaps it was me, in some future time traveling back to my current station in life. I also considered that perhaps this was a spirit guide, or some other being sent to help me.

I later looked up “shadow people” in an image search, and the first picture in this post came up. I was struck by how well this drawing seem to depict my own experience, that clearly I had experienced something that you might call "the usual unusual."

This was my first, real paranormal experience.

When I saw the drawing, I was really shocked. I might have continued thinking this was a dream, but now, I am pretty sure it was some kind of an out-of-body experience. And that being the case, I realize I've had these experiences before and they tend to be the "dreams" I very much enjoy.

This was my first "paranormal" experience, at least that I remember or that I understood was paranormal. It is a part of this journey, to understand the full scope of our existence and place in this universe. It felt like a step in the direction of my destiny. How very cool.