Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Quiet Voice of the Soul

The Authentic Self...a very quiet, though often persistent voice that works outside the conventional modes of mind and senses...
When you, as a soul, were on the other side, making plans for this life, making decisions about the relationships you would form with other souls, where you would live, on which day you would be born, what forces would be present to help contribute to the personality you deemed most helpful for this life, your soul’s purpose was clear. 

Coming into this incarnation and walking around in this material world, working with the significant interference that comes from the body moving and experiencing within this material world, the soul, the Authentic Self becomes a very quiet, though often persistent voice that works in ways outside the conventional modes of mind and senses that the ego prefers. Further interference comes in the form of the pressure the ego feels to exist in this world, its belief that it needs other people to survive, to get what it needs, and thus formulating strategies for surviving. It holds tenaciously to these often contradictory strategies that become formalized as “voices” in the most important aspect of the body to the ego, the mind.

The mind never shuts off. Anyone who has tried to meditate knows what I'm talking about. 

The soul that incarnated into the body is ever present, ever aware, and ever cognizant of it’s purpose and destiny in this life, the destiny she mapped out before incarnating. The supreme challenge in this particular incarnation that we find here on earth is that the ego and all of its various formalized strategies make a damn lot of noise, are pushy, insistent, and unrelenting. 

Indeed, the mind never shuts off. Try to sit for just one minute without thinking a single thought, without making at least one internal commentary. Anyone who has attempted to meditate knows exactly what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter what you do; you will never shut of this incessant stream of blather that will go on and on and on with its reactions, observations, mindless blather, or gut-clenching worries. And whether its commentary or images or impressions or observations, the source of this steady stream of blather knows nothing but the body and its experiences in this incarnation. 

The mind, a great machine that, unfortunately, cannot know beyond its bodily experience in this life, in time.
These may be formalized into strategies, or formalized into memories and narratives the brain has grouped into experiences and invested with significance, or formalized into an entire framework of a philosophy of life. This steady stream may also include relatively harmless observations, such as “itch on bottom of thigh,” or “thirst.” The range of possibilities is wide, but no less tied and bound to this body and its experiences in time.

Under this steady flow of babble, quiet, patient, waiting, is the Authentic Self, that part of us that knows, that understands that existence is more than the physical body and its experience in the material world, that remembers its purpose and its destiny. And if we make way for this Authentic Self, make space, make time, make opportunity, we will hear it, feel it, understand it, and tune into it.

Under the torrent of the mind and ego, our soul ever waits, speaking softly if we are willing to take time to listen.